Wednesday 19 February 2020

How to replace Nitro boots TLS laces

Yes, today something completely different! :)

At the start of the winter session, I noticed that the laces of my boots were attacked by a mouse squad and almost unusable.

I was searching the internet and managed to found the replacement at the Czech sports shop Snowboard Zezula.

But still there didn't found any tutorial on how to replace them, so I made a few pictures of the process, I hope someone finds it useful.

Boots before the replacement

First,, with very fin screwdriver remove the laces holder, yes it will stay as-is - I was afraid that it might fall into the pieces

Now it will very easy to remove existing and insert the new laces

Then just continue removing the old one and instantly replacing it with the new one, that's it.

Have a nice ride!

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